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Anchorage TimeBank

Welcome to your Anchorage TimeBank!


The Anchorage TimeBank is built on the premise that each person has valuable assets to share and that the overall community is strengthened when we help one another. We respect one another and base our actions on that respect. We hope you will join our Time Bank.

For every hour we spend helping another member, we earn one Time Dollar which can then be redeemed for services from others.

One Hour = One Hour with no correlation to $ value. We're banking on ourselves and matching unmet needs with untapped resources.

       OFFERS:  Here you post things you really like to do, anytime, anywhere.  Post them, do them when another member                   asks and feel good about the results.

       REQUESTS:  Here you post things you just keep putting off doing for yourself.  Post these and get it done by                             someone who is good at it and wants to do it.

To get started, give yourself ONE Time Dollar for your full enrollment and ONE for each Offer or Request you post. Then you are on your way.

Help another member.                Get it done.             Pass it forward.


For more on the ANCHORAGE TIMEBANK, how it works, and to become a member, click on:                                                                                                                                                                                               HOW IT WORKS

To watch short clips on the operation of TimeBanks, click on Time Banking, see the "trailer" for: Time As Money or watch the entire link. Or see TimeBanking on YouTube.                                                     

To see a listing of recent OFFERS and REQUESTS from a 150+ member timebank, click on:  ONION RIVER EXCHANGE TimeBank

Find out about TimeBanks nationwide google

Have questions about our TimeBank? Email the Coordinators at